BILIM Training and Education Center

BILIM Training and Education Center of Tyup (hereinafter referred to as TEC) is a non-profit organization established in the form of an institution founded on the basis of voluntary asset contribution of a founder, legitimacy, publicity and sociability for realization of social, charitable, cultural, and educational and other socially useful objectives.

The main objective of Bilim Training and Education Center is creation of conditions of continuing population education, and involvement of population in the process of continuing acquiring of new knowledge and enrichment of existing one.

TEC courses are open for everyone who wants to upgrade his/her qualification, to get additional knowledge in the frames of society, personal development and labor market in spite of sex, education, ethnical background, heritage, religion and occupation. For special marginal groups such as disabled and retired people benefits are provided.

TEC organizes courses in the frames:

* Supplementary general education: psychology of conflict solving, human rights, legislation, gender-related issues, labor safety, success in job searching.

* Supplementary professional education: computer usage skills, spoken English knowledge, national craft skills, knowledge on accounting, basis of business operation; hairstyling skills; and skills on repair of home appliances.

Business partners:

* Adult Education Center of Karakol

* Utan Training Center

* Typographic company “Darkhan”

* Committee on Migration and Employment of Population of the Tyup district

* Rural authority of Tyup village

* Rural schools of the Tyup district

* Secondary Cooperative Union of the Tyup district

* Social Fund “KOZHO-Karakol”

Further cooperation in plan:

* Regional Center for Development and Education of Population

* Community Development and Investment Agency (CDIA)

* AK-Shuru Cooperative

* Women’s Public Association “Er Aiym”


1-78, Pushkina str., Tyup village

E-mail: bilimuoc@rambler.ru

Director: Abdyldaev Azamat