Talas Center for Education and Development of Population

Talas Center for Education and Development of Population (CEDP) is a non-profit organization providing adult population of Talas city and near settlements with services in the field of supplementary education through organization of short-term courses in the field of professional and civil education.

Organization mission:

Assistance of broad layers of population of Talas province in adaptation to rapidly changing economic, social and political conditions and extension of self-improvement opportunities through educational programs on different direction s of professional and civil education.


From the very beginning Talas CEDP works constantly in the frames of the project “Adult Education in Kyrgyzstan” (DVV/International), and in the frames of other short-term projects:

-Professional education of German population;

-Non-formal professional education in rural area of Kyrgyzstan;

-Democratization of election process through the network of labor leaders, activists and members;

— History and self-consciousness.

The main target group is the most vulnerable layers of population. These groups include unemployed and retired people, and students etc.

* Our listeners can choose comfortable class-time for them;

* We provide an opportunity of privileged education for the disabled and members of low-income and large families;

* Training is conducted in Russian and Kyrgyz;

* There are the most favorable prices for education in our CEDP;

* Our center is completed with current technologies, communication facilities, Internet.

Club activity:

Club “Our traditions” actively operates in our center. Club activity creates conditions for self-expression and self-realization of a listener as well as develops speech.

Professional education courses:

— Basic computer knowledge;

— Microsoft Office


— for beginners,

— for returning learners,

— business English.


— for beginners,

— for returning learners.


— for beginners,

— for returning learners.

Civil education courses:

— Psychology of success;

— Psychology of a family life.

Everyone can choose for himself/herself suitable course on professional or civil education in our Center.

We are looking to cooperate with sponsors and interested organizations.

Contact us:

212, Otorbaev Street, Talas city,

The Kyrgyz Republic

Tel: (03422) 5-25-32

e-mail: asida@list.ru

Director Aida Rysbekovna Asanbekova