Potential of KAEA

Development of creative potential of the personality is, perhaps, that main thing that defines inner meaning of continuous education of adults.

Members of KAEA across all territory of Kyrgyzstan train adults in the most demanded and sold professions: accountants and hairdressers, IT experts and administrative assistants, help villagers to develop house production, solving thereby the poverty overcoming purpose.

During the activity KAEA has realized 11 successful projects aimed at a development of education of adults in the Kyrgyz Republic. Today KAEA include 13 operating training centers on all territory of the country equipped with the necessary equipment. In each center there is a staff of professional teachers. The orientation of each center is defined by basic needs of the region. So, for example, in the Issyk-Kul regional center of development and education of the population in Cholpon-Ata the Chui regional center of development and training in is aimed at training of employees for travel business, and. Chui is engaged in increase of potential of villagers. In more detail about each center it is possible to find information on the website.