Danida Social Fund


Danida Social Fund

Danida Social Fund was established in 2002 in Osh city by private entrepreneur Zholdubay Karimovich Sultanbekov


The main goal of Danida SF is providing population of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken with consulting and educational service “Learning throughout life”.

Our partners:

* Kyrgyz Adult Education Association (KAEA)

* the Institute for International Cooperation of the “German Association of People’s Universities” (dvv international).

* Committee on Migration and Employment of Population of Osh province and Osh city.

* Employers’ Association of Osh city.


Activity of the Danida Social Fund is intended to education of adult population of Osh province and Osh city in two directions: civil and professional.

The main objective is to help adult population to increase their level of knowledge in accordance with current demands and by doing this to assist their active participation in development of democratic society of Kyrgyzstan.

Courses of Danida SF are available for all willing people despite their sex, age, ethnic and religious background. Courses are payable.

In the process of education up-to-day interactive methods and forms of conducting classes providing active participation of listeners in the educational process are used.

Danida SF has a license (License АШ № 874) of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Justice and issues certificates of a standard form.

Danida SF provides the following courses:

Personality psychology

Communication psychology

Business strategy development

Accounting basis

Computer literacy

Innovative methods of education

Danida Social Fund has provided adult population of Osh city and Osh province with educational services since 2002. The Fund conducts courses, seminars for the willing and individually by request of employees of companies or organizations.


301-205, Lenina str., Osh city