Center for Development and Training of Naryn

The main goal of the Center is to help broad layers of population to adapt to changing economic and social conditions of society through conducting trainings.

The Center carries out applied arts training of the unemployed. Unemployed women are the most vulnerable category in employment sphere. Social status makes them dependent on everyone that is why they have to do only housekeeping although they have abilities but no opportunities to reveal their abilities and to express themselves.

Besides realization of the project “Adult education in Kyrgyzstan” the Center conducts self-funding activity.

This educational activity is oriented to financially reliable part of population. This activity is expressed in organization and conducting of courses focused on real needs of adult population in the field of education locally.

The Center provides courses for population on the following directions:

* Executive assistant

* Computer literacy basis

*English for beginners and returning learners.

* Cutting out and sewing

* Basis of business operation

* Accounting (basic)

* Accounting -1С (enterprise)

* Success in job searching

* Russian for beginners and returning learners

* Interactive methods of education

* Protection of labor

* Trade union management

* Waiter-barman

* Settlement of conflicts

* Hairstyling


16. Dostuk str., Naryn city


Director: Alasheva Burul Meymanbaevna