Education and Development Center of Karabalta city

Our Address:

14, Kozhomberdiev (Trud) Prospect, Suit 105,

Karabalta city

(district of Bereke market, Building of Administrative Board of city, 1 floor)

Phone: 0(3133) 6-25-00


Lyudmila Grin

Mission: to assist in realization of rights of every person to education throughout life through providing residents of the city and district with high-quality educational services.

Courses of professional and civil education for youth and the adult:

Computer literacy course gives the possibility to take possession of work of a personal computer, to learn how to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, and to use e-mail.

Course “Records keeping on computer” learns how to work with official paper, to prepare documents such as acts, orders, agreements, instructions, decisions, internal memos, telephoned messages, power of attorney, explanatory reports, decrees, minutes, and letters.

Accounting course

Accounting course gives the possibility to learn basis of accounting and international financial statements, the program is oriented on small and medium enterprises.

Course “Universal hairdresser” learns to make women’s, children’s and men’s haircuts, sets, dyeing, perming, hair highlighting, coloring, evening hair style.

Cutting and sewing course learns to sew clothes, to cut out, to model modern clothes, to design and repair clothes.

Language courses – English, German, French, Kyrgyz, Russian

Public speaking course gives the skill to speak right and nicely.

Course “Human Resources management” will help chiefs to build personnel policy, to motivate employees, to create and develop a team.

“Household veterinary physician” course is for increasing of veterinary knowledge of rural men having cattle.

Course “Construction and finishing work foreman” is for people willing to learn how to make European-style renovation.