Goals of movement “Education for everyone”

KAEA and its members in their activities are guided by the goals of the movement «Education for everyone».

Movement “Education for everyone” sets six internationally agreed goals in the field of education directed to satisfy education needs of all children, youth and adults by 2015.

Goal 1 Enlargement and development of complex measures for caring for younger children and their parenting especially concerning more vulnerable and marginalized children.

Goal 2 By 2015 to provide all children, especially girls, and children from disadvantaged environment and ethnic minorities to have access to free and compulsory high quality elementary education and give them the chance to complete it.

Goal 3 To satisfy educational needs of all young and adult people on the basis of equal access to appropriate programs for education and acquisition of life skills.

Goal 4 By 2015 to achieve increasing of adult literacy rate of 50 %, especially women, and to provide all adult people with equal access to basic and continuing education.

Goal 5 By 2005 to eliminate gap between boys and girls in elementary and high education and by 2015 to achieve gender equality paying special attention to providing girls with full and equal access to basic education and its completion.

Goal 6 To improve quality of education in all its aspects and to provide good academic achievement for everyone so as to be able to achieve recognizable and evaluable education results especially concerning literacy, counting and the most important life skills.