Cholpon AtA

Issyk-Kul Regional Center for Development and Education of Population

The main objective of the Center activity is assistance in adaptation of local population to modern labor market conditions through education. The Center enters the system of informal education of Kyrgyzstan and meets all requirements of conducted governmental policy. Practical activity of the Center is expressed in two components:

1. Realization of educational activity according the project “Adult Education in Kyrgyzstan” financed by the Institute for International Cooperation of the “German Association of People’s Universities” / dvv-international.

In the frames of this project the Center carries out the project “History and self-consciousness: Dialogue of generations”. Each people, each nation has its own customs, traditions and values, and depends on attitude of people and nation to their history. Keeping spiritual values forms relationship between each other. History on the basis of the past gives the possibility to represent the picture of past events and to give over values to the younger generation.

2. Carrying out of self-funding activity.

This activity is expressed in organization and conducting of courses focused on real needs of adult population in the field of education locally. Themes of the courses are different and include both general and special competencies. This educational activity is oriented to financially reliable part of local population taking into account real needs of the targeted audience.

Educational activity carrying out by the Issyk-Kul Regional Committee on Migration and Employment embraces socially vulnerable layers that are not able to pay for education. The Center satisfies educational needs of marginal adult population. The above stated arrangements are the part of lobbying strategy for adult education and development of adult education system in the region.



7, Proektnaya Str., jilmassive Cholponata,

Cholponata city


Director: Kobshekova Kaliman Toktorbaevna